Picture of My Family

I have lived in Spanish Fork since 2005 with my beautiful wife and five great kids.

I am a computer geek at heart, although my wife claims I’m great at translating computer talk into English. I started working on computers long before the Average Joe – my family was even interviewed on the news back in the 80s for having a computer in our house! I began doing computer repairs as a teenager (installing things like CD-ROM drives when they were new) to earn some extra cash. I loved it and have been a tech guy ever since. I have worked with every version of Windows since Windows 3.0 in 1990.

I started my professional career in 2000 working for Unisys fixing computers, laptops, printers and servers first at Boeing and then at customer sites throughout the greater Seattle area. At Unisys I transferred to a federal government client where I worked on planning and implementing large tech projects. I continue to work in computers and networking for a local biotech manufacturing company. I have a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology with an emphasis on Network Design and Business Management. I have multiple professional certifications from Microsost, Cisco, CompTIA and CIW (for more information and a list of certifications click here).

Logos of Some of my certifications

Some of my certifications