Computer Scam on the Phone?

Computer Scam on the Phone?


Today a friend sent me the following message:

“I just got a call from someone saying my computer wasn’t connecting to get the microsoft updates like it is supposed to. He wanted me to get on the computer and he would talk me through fixing the problem. That sounded way too suspicious to me, so I thought I’d check with you first and see if it sounds suspicious to you too. “

This is an ongoing scam and if you receive a call like this hang up the phone immediately and definitely don’t follow their instructions!

Microsoft states pretty clearly that “Microsoft does not make unsolicited phone calls to help you fix your computer” and “Treat all unsolicited phone calls with skepticism.”  link to Microsoft statements

If you follow the instructions from one of these scammers they will take control of your computer and try to convince you to purchase unnecessary fixes or additional services. The scammers also steal your personal information and may damage or infect your computer in the process.

The claims that these scammers make are unrealistic – companies like Microsoft do not know the names or phone numbers of those with a problem computer or out-of-date software. Even when law enforcement needs information on computer users to prosecute online crimes, they must work with internet providers (after obtaining a court order) and not companies like Microsoft.

If you are concerned that your computer is infected or not up to date, contact me and I can help. Call me at 385-200-0750 or click here to message me.

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