Help! My laptop is broken! What should I do now?

Fixing laptops is my specialty, but you should check a few things before bringing it in for repair:

First – Check to see if your laptop is still covered under the manufacturer’s warranty. Find the serial number, or if it is a Dell the Service tag number is usually on the bottom of the laptop. Sometimes the serial number is under the battery. Go to the manufacturer’s website (,, etc.), go to the support page and follow links to check you warranty status.

Second – Check your receipt. Did you purchase an extended warranty through the store?

Third – If your laptop is out of warranty and not covered by an extended warranty, then that’s the time to contact me – Paul the Tech Guy. I will diagnose the problem so you can know how much it will cost to repair your laptop.

If your laptop is covered under warranty but you hate calling tech support, I am willing to work with the manufacturer to fix your laptop.

Would you rather just buy a new laptop? Let me recover your data off the broken laptop before you replace it. Also – your broken laptop may be worth something to me, so don’t toss it! Contact me and I will tell you how much I’m willing to give you for it.


(Replacing a fan in a HP Pavilion dv6000 laptop)


(Replacing the I/O board in a Dell 15R laptop)

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